Monday, 4 March 2013

Pinball Wizard.

I have a knack of watching films and falling in love with the time/place/era in which they're set. This time it's The Boat that Rocked, I love the 60's anyway but it's just amplified my passion for all things Mod. I often sit and wonder whether I would have been a Mod or a Rocker and I just can't decide. For now, I'll just say I would probably have been a Mod. This is because of my tendency to find 80% of guy's with a Mod style ridiculously attractive. The 60's were a time for rebellion and breaking the mould- everything was brand new, exciting and unknowingly iconic. Mary Quant's mini-skirt was the divide between young girls and their mothers. The tapered trousers and thin lapels of the Italian style, became a new youth cult and the men added striped blazers, Fred Perry shirts and the Mod scooter, a Lambretta if possible. There's so much to love about 60's pop culture....
1. Marianne Faithfull
2. The Boat that Rocked.
3. Tallulah Riley and Tom Sturridge.
4. Brighton Rock.

5. Natalia Vodianova and Sam Riley for Vogue US.
6. Marianne Faithfull
7. Mary Quant.
8. Urban Outfitters Polaroid
9. Twiggy on the cover of Vogue.

I think my heart-print pinny-style dress with an A-line shape fits the bill for 60's fashion quite well and my glasses just finish it off.

Last 5 photos my own.