Monday, 3 September 2012

I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and fuck with the stars

 All photos my own.

The main reason behind my making this post is the shoes, those wonderful shoes. They reminded me of the Charlotte Olympia 'kitty flats' that I spent so much time lusting over before it finally sunk in that I would probably see a Unicorn before I could afford them. Then these beauties came along in all their look-a-like glory and how do you say no? You don't. I'll admit that there is obvious differences such as threads, ear position and the fact these don't have the tiny heel, however they are still the cutest shoes I will probably ever own. They're available on Missguided for £23.99, just follow this link. 

Eiffel Tower photographs: Various Tumblr's. Lovelocks: Nick Baker.

I'm always wanderlusting but recently I've had the strongest desire ever to return to Paris. It's possible to get there by train so I'm determined to save enough for the tickets and just go. I'd spend my time wisely, making sure to visit Disneyland for the 7th(?) time, but it wouldn't all be roller-coasters and candyfloss. It's customary to sit in a coffee shop, drinking latte's, reading books and eyeing up the French talent (just me?) Maybe a beautiful guy would be intrigued by the book I'm reading, he'd ask me about it and we'd bond over a mutual hate for a fictional character. WHO AM I KIDDING?! My camera would be my only companion, I would make it my goal to take as many pictures of as many things as I could in whatever time I had there. Paris is a magical city.