Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pour some sugar on me.

As part of my Photography A Level I'm working on a theme of 'Indulgence' so straight away I thought of food- Sweets/Candy (whatever) to be precise. However I didn't want the photographs to turn into commercial food photography yaawn! Hence, I ended up here on Rankin's page admiring his beauty shots of models with bold lipstick chomping on macaroons and chicken legs. I loved his use of bright, clashing colour to create garish photographs, so this is what I focused on.

 All above photographs by Rankin.

I also wanted to incorporate influences from some of my other favourite photographers/artists, I knew I had to include the two Tims- Walker and Burton. The closest links come from Tim Burton's remake of the classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Liquorice Catherine Wheels as goggles and bright coloured hair reminiscent of the oompa loompas' chosen style. The hair also reminds me of residents of the fictional Capitol City in The Hunger Games books, I took a lot of inspiration from this look along with Tim Burton and Tim Walker's work.
Here are my final photographs, the result of these mixed influences.

All above photos my own.